Wednesday, November 7, 2007

The TOES have it

"When last we left our fiber hero, he was obsessed with creating new and exciting color combinations by dying wool sock yarn using flavored drink mix powders. It appears not much has changed in the obsession department. Let's peek in on him and see what new treats he has in store..."

True. I have not accomplished anything particularly blog-worthy in the past few days. I'm still, repeat - still - crocheting the shawl that will (hopefully) be completed in time to give as a gift at a special occasion. AND I've been continuing my experiments with sock yarn.

The yarn identified in a previous post simply as "Meg" has been renamed after initial shaping into sock form. Now, all would do well to remember the full name of the colorway, "Meg's Fan-Toe-Sy."
Last night, I dyed up a couple of new colorways that are nearly dry as I type. They should be dry enough by tomorrow for me to ball up the yarn and hopefully I will get the chance to see how they look as socks. This first one should stripe out in two complimenting pink tones with a green accent ripple. The name for this one jumped out at me. This is "Wa-Toe-Melon."

This next one has not been as easy to name. It has pink and orange with blue as the "wave" color. Maybe a name will become apparent when I see it worked up... (Of course, suggestions are always welcome!)Before I close for the night, I would like to take this opportunity to encourage everyone to do something for their fellow mankind. Take organ donation, for instance. Several weeks ago, a coworker had her gall bladder removed. Since I only have the one and it didn't seem prudent to offer it up for her, I decided on the next best thing. I made her one that she could use. That's right - a felted gall bladder handbag.


  1. I just love your kool aid dyed yarns. What wonderful colors. The one with the red/orange and blue reminds me of a sun over water. As I'm feeling rather silly how about "sun toe sea." I can hardly wait to see how it crochets up. Luv you,


  2. OMG Jer! I looked at the pictures on the post before I read the text, and when I saw that last picture, I thought, "Gee, that sure looks like a gallbladder!"

    See what working in GI gets me?

  3. That is freakin' hysterical!

    love your yarn colors...