Thursday, November 29, 2007

If I Only Had a Brain

These last few days since my last post have just flown by in a blur. Luckily for me, the blur included lots of woolen colors!

I dyed up some more sock yarn. This time, I stuck to (mainly) 2 colors so I could experiment with pattern. One lot was designed to "self-stripe" in contrasting colors and the second was an experiment on "heathering" the usually bright colors that result from KA. Here's a pic of the yarns all dried and hanked up...

...and all balled up, ready to play...

...and here's a couple pics of the patterns that revealed themselves.

Some of the other items that have kept mind and hands busy must remain a mystery since they are gifts destined for family and friends. With the gifts due in a little over three weeks... (is that possible? Only three weeks left?!?!) I have WAY more on the to-do list than I could complete if I were to forego sleeping, eating, and showering - not to mention working at that other job, the one that insists I show up regularly.

So why am I not focussing all my available energies on the gifts? Why have I picked up an earlier project that was not completed - an experimental project - a project with no real deadline? Afterall, I put the project down because is was tediously slow in its progress and now is not the time to be working on items that don't do their part by growing quickly! I need items with maximum result for each stitch!

You'll recognize this as the item that inspired "Crimson Breeze." After all the self-imposed pressure and lace-weight nightmares I experienced on that one, you would think I would run screaming from its earlier version. But not me. No siree! I have faith that the fiber gods and goddesses will somehow smile down on my perserverance and reward me by stopping the forward progress of time. Or maybe I'm just a littled touched, you know... "up there."




  1. Hmmm, funny... I just blogged about routine and mundane tasks that seem essential just before I start a new big project. (December 2 post, will show up whenever my server thinks it's tomorrow.)

    I so understand this. You are not alone. And you are not crazy... this is part of how creative minds work sometimes.

    Go figure.

  2. Thanks, Lynn. I guess its true what they say about birds-of-a-feather...

  3. Hey LynnH!

    Jer - I am so proud of your creativity. Will some of it rub off on me if I sit next to you?