Thursday, November 15, 2007

Sock Siren's Song

Ok. Here's the problem.

I have all of this sock yarn in great colors (most of it self-dyed) that should work up into some striking and unusual socks. I finally have a 'stand-by' pattern to crochet a sock that is functional. "So what's the problem, Jer?" you ask. What's the problem?

The problem is that I don't seem to have the time! Lately there has just not been enough minutes in the day. Curse the clock!

I mean, I guess I would have alot more time if I didn't need at least a little sleep, but unfortunately, I have not yet discovered how to skip the sleeping part and still be somewhat coherent and reasonably pleasant the next day. Stupid sleep!

But the worst part, worse than knowing the sock yarn is there waiting, is when I accidently see it. And it's always when I least expect it... There it is, peeking out of the bag, catching the light just so! Dang! Stupid light! You ruin everything!!

I always avert my eyes, lest the temptation grow, but it is usually too late. The seed is planted. "I want to be a sock." it sings to me. "Why are you avoiding me?"

Why, indeed. Why am I?

Simple. I have a conflicting deadline.

I am making a gift for a someone that absolutely must be completed and ready to give on November 24th. No exceptions. No extensions. There will only be one moment in time and I must be ready! The thing is, though, I'm still crocheting it. I am devoting all of my crafting time to this one project. (That alone is enough to strain my grip on sanity.) Sometimes I fear I will inadvertently blurt out the name of the project in some sock-withdrawal-induced, tourette-syndrome-like fit, caving in to the stress at the most inopportune time. Perhaps standing in line at the DMV or sitting in a meeting at work I'll catch the phrase in my head and shout it out - "Sock! I want to be a sock!"

My only hope is to finish this thing. I know the stitches are small. I know each row seems endless and only adds a fraction of an inch to the overall length. I know!

So you can also have an idea of the project receiving center-stage attention, here's a peek:::sigh::




  1. A crochet sock pattern that works well? I want to know more. Of course, I have some trouble getting the right number of stitches when I have to crochet in rounds, but I can always dream.

  2. Hi Lynn~ good to hear from you!!