Sunday, November 25, 2007

Crimson Breeze

As you may recall, yesterday was the day that the seemingly endless project was to have been completed and given to the recipient.
I'm happy to say that both deadlines were met!

I named the project "Crimson Breeze" and here's a couple of pictures of the lace weight shawl pinned out for blocking:
...and after blocking, it held its shape beautifully! As the name suggests, it is as light as air!

All in all, I couldn't have been happier with the final product. So, gift in hand, I proceeded to the event where it would be given over to the hands of the one for whom it was made. The recipient was no other than Tori Amos!! (Insert fawning and gushing here.) Tori's auditory images have always washed over me like the wind -sometimes lilting and soft, sometimes with all the force in mother nature.

In my journey to express my evolving spiritual truths through artistic expression, I am drawn to others who are also on similar journeys. I truly admire Tori not only for her continuing journey, but also for her fearless honesty and her unapologetic claiming of the truth.

To have spent an evening in the midst of one so inspirational was great, but to also have been able to share this interpretaion with her was pure bliss...



PS - Tomorrow, a new sock!