Saturday, November 3, 2007

Atomic Surf

I attacked the latest Kool-Aid dyed yarn last night with all of my usual, energy. After a few practice rows, (and several frogged rows) the pattern of the yarn finally let itself be known to me. I won't bore you with the math - almost all of my own patterns involve math and the relationship/play of numbers - but the result was this:

I love the rippling shock waves created by the green against the tiny alternating blue and purple stripes! A lady at my crochet group meeting (Hi Christine!) commented that the ripples reminded her of water and within a few minutes, a name for the yarn style was born.

World, meet the first in the "Atomic Surf" line of yarns. (I'm still playing around with names for this particular color combination and all suggestions are welcome!)

I was so excited that I dyed up a new color combination. This time, I chose green and purple for the alternating stripes and a bright orange for the contrasting waves. In honor of my favorite freeform doll, Megretange, I am calling this next incarnation "Meg."

Here's "Meg" of the Atomic Surf line after the dye baths:

And since I am so impatient, er... I mean... so energetic!, here's it is balled up:

On another note, one that has absolutely nothing to do with socks or sock yarn, ::gasp:: I reclaimed my pieces from the Creative Arts showing at the State Fair of Texas last weekend. After sewing my tag into the back of it, I took the pink and black jacket to Vicki this past week. Although we gave her and her new husband Tim a wedding present, this was my personal gift of congratulations to her. (I am still quietly relieved that it actually fits her correctly!) See for yourself:

What better way to end this post (and give me an excuse to start working the "Meg" yarn) than with a smiling face?



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