Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Free the Doilies!!

Let it be known. The Princess Doily has officially been usurped!
No longer will our doilies be required to bow in obedience to the pineapple motif; circular patterns - be gone "before somebody drops a house on you!"
Enter the new, the free, the doily as art:

The freeform doily above was worked in #10 crochet thread with a #7 (1.65mm) steel hook. I was directly inspired for this while reading Myra Wood's new book, "Creative Crochet Lace" which is available here. Myra is one of my favorite contemporary fiber artists and her book is just beautiful! Check out her website for additional inspiration. (As a side note, I completed my piece without ever cutting the thread or "travelling" over a space - a personal challenge of my own.)

On another note: I finished Mom's sweater. ::insert cheers here::

You may remember that I was making yet another crocheted aran sweater. While I was using this one as visual aid for recommendations to my local CGOA group for our multi-month project, I sized it so it would fit Mom. Afterall, she's in Indiana and the winters can be fierce!!

Here's a few pics of the sweater, both "in progress" and finished:

I just love it! (I think, Mom will, as well.)
To all who are reading this:
Sound off and let me know you're there! A blog should not be a one-way street and I would love to hear what you think!


  1. All of your free form stuff is interesting (as opposed to some other free form stuff I've seen - eek!) Your Mama will love that sweater!

  2. Love both projects, Jer. The thread doily is spectacular in such an artful way (and I love crochet in small yarn, am contemplating some lace mohair right now myself).

    And the sweater? Cool. I saw a vest you had made when I was in Dallas last April. Brown, I think? I thought it was one of the most wearable crochet garments I'd seen in a long time. I'm thinking this sweater is related to that fabric, from what I can tell in the photos. Very wearable, and so nice to look at.

    Mom will be pleased. Definitely!


  3. Hi Hunny!

    Love the Aran - I know Mama will love it.