Monday, February 4, 2008

Au Contraire

Rumors of my demise are greatly exaggerated.

I am, in fact, still around. I have all my fingers and am just as fiber-crazy as ever. I would try to highlight all the efforts and obsessions that have claimed my time in the last couple of weeks, but I wouldn't want to scare you!
Instead, here's some of what I've been doing:

I started another aran sweater. This one is for my mother. I chose to use the same yarn (Lion Brand - Wool Ease) as the one I did for myself because I also want to show it my CT! group as a possibility for the multi-month project and want to highlight the differences in the patterns, not the yarn. Mom lives in West/Central Indiana and should get great use from it. Here's a peek:
I did another sock. (big surprise) This one is done in the JAWOLL sock yarn from Lang Yarns.
It is available at your LYS, mostly (75%) superwash wool and contains about 460 yards per skein. The yarn is self-striping which is excellent for mindless repeats without an abacus to keep track of where you are in the pattern. All said, I lurv it! While the second/mate sock is still a wip, here's the first, lone sock from this colorway.

Of course, my freeform heart never stays silent for long and I often "experiment" with patterns. Well, let it be known that this past couple months has been no exception where that is concerned! I have once again pulled out my yarn palette. This time, I'm trying to develope an actual pattern - one that can be followed and reproduced by the average crocheter without the assistance of an interpreter.

I decided on a sweater. This one for my sister. (Does anyone else notice a theme here?)
For my sister, I wanted to make something completely original, as she too, defines nice, neat categorization. Shelly has always lived by her own drumbeat and I needed something that complimented that rather than hid it. Having just completed yet another multi-bath dye project, the choice of yarn was obvious. But even though the idea was good, my first attempt at bringing the sweater into reality was... less than desirable:
The color scheme was all wrong for her. And the stitch pattern, while complex, did not result in a garment that reminded me of my all!

Back to the drawing board and the dye pot -

This time, I made the colors deeper, the hues more rich and the blend more gradual. I wanted a truer "bgp" tone to the yarn and I also wanted to find a better pattern to compliment my sister's girlish figure (and it IS still amazing after 3 grown grown children!!)

For this pattern, I am trying to do a sweater that is flirty on the bottom to show off her flat tummy and still incorporate a modicum of decency "up top." Here is the second incarnation so far:
Now, for those paying attention, you will notice I am attempting 2 different things with this one pattern... an end result to flatter my sister and an end result for "every" crocheter. I became aware that few people want as much of their mid-section to show as this particular example provides. OK then.

Enter project incarnation version 2.1:

For this project, I am attempting a verion of the "Shelly" that can: a) be made with widely available yarn, and b) be of interest to a wider pool of crocheters

Here it is. This is done in Cool Crochet by Bernat:

The "peek-a-boos" are more modest in size and the pattern incorporates crocheted cables. Crocheted Cables!! (Note: Jer LOVES crocheted cables!!) Even though there are hundreds of versions of the crocheted cable, I chose the most simple for this pattern. More pictures of the finished project ... if and when...

Before I close, I have to mention the new fiber I have discovered. Take note! Run!! (Do not walk) to your LYS and grab (read that "GRAB") a new product from Berroco Comfort line. There were 2 different yarn weights available when I last looked, but I absoluelty fell in love with the sock-weight version. Any fiber fiend will absolutley fall in love with this yarn on first touch. But it gets better!! The price is unbelievably cheap. I found this at the Shabby Sheep in Dallas. (Tell Rhonda I said HI.)

This skein contains 447 yards, retail $7. Yes. You read that correctly. 447 yards of fiber bliss for $7 retail. Like I said, RUN!! (Selfish sweater for me to follow...)

Until then~



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