Friday, March 14, 2008

19,912 Down, 40k+ To Go!

Fred and I recently went to Boston for a long weekend to attend a fundraising event for the Fenway Medical Center. Let me just insert a reminder here - Jer and cold weather do not get along! So the thought of going to New England in winter did not thrill me. Except of course, it was a chance to dress up with a few thousand strangers and a few new friends.

The event was emceed by Kate Clinton and Senator Ted Kennedy was getting and award. Ted spoke, then was gone. Kate hung around for the party. Here's me and Kate:

Here's some party:
But I digress. I needed a project to take on the trip, so a few days before we left, I designed a new sweater for myself. I designed it to be made with that great new sock yarn I found by Berocco, their Comfort Sock yarn. (I can hear the tsk-tsking. I know it's guaged at "1 - Super Fine," I know! But I thought, what the heck!) I decided on a relatively simply stitch pattern to better highlight the gradual and subtle color changes.
With most of my sweaters, I start with the back piece so I can get a good feel for the stitch pattern before beginning the more complicated shaping involved with the other pieces. After the plane ride with a size D crochet hook (3.25mm) and one full, 447 yard skein, I had this:

I knew the sweater was going to take ALOT of this yarn to complete, but some quick math using the time it took to get just this far gave me a better idea of exactly how aggressive this project was going to be.
I'll admit, I seriously thought about scrapping the idea of a sweater, right then and there. But afterall, I already had all the yarn in matching dye lot and being a good little fiber stash monger, I wasn't about to return it all to the LYS! Not to mention that the thought of a dozen pairs of socks with the exact same yarn was almost more than I could bare. So...
So, I perservered.
I crocheted.
I crocheted and crocheted. Then, I crocheted some more.
3FPDC, 3BPDC. Over and Over. 3FPDC, 3BPDC. Again and Again! 3FPDC, 3BPDC. Finally, after about 4 skeins ( nearly 1800 yards) I finally had the back of the sweater completed!
Yes! Sweet success!! I cannot explain the sheer joy of experiencing this particular completion. 131 rows - Done! 152 stitches per row! And that's not counting the turning stitches! Why, that's 19,912 stitches!! Woo Hoo!! And the resulting fabric had such a nice hand! I was so glad I hadn't given in, that I saw the mountain and decided to -
uh oh.
Then I remembered - the sweater would need a front. ::sigh::
And sleeves, too. ::double sigh::


  1. It is gorgeous. Personally, I think that lighter yarn can make an incredible crocheted fabric.

    I love this idea. Can not wait to see it develop.