Saturday, January 30, 2010

Hello, Virginia!

As many of you know, I have relocated from Dallas, TX to Alexandria, VA.

Let me just get this out of the way, first and foremost... I don't think it is any mistake that "snow" is a four-letter word! I hate it. I also hate that other four-letter word that usually accompanies it... "cold."

At any rate, here I am.

And the crochet goes on...

I got word after my last posting to proceed with 2 additional projects for publication. I'm thrilled to be putting my work out there, but I have to be honest. Not being able to share the details is tough! I mean, I have a blog about my design efforts. Whadayamean I can't post about them?!? But this is a lesson is patience, friends. It's not that I can't post about them, it's just that I can't post about them yet...

So here's what else I've been doing:

I custom dyed some yarn for Grandma Pat. I used a colorway I had used with silk, but this time, it was on worsted weight cotton. the result was "Patty's Sea Bubble":

Grandma Pat's sister, GlennaDee, also knits and crochets, so I included some DEV fingering weight yarn for her. In speaking with her on the phone, Aunt GlennaDee is going to await the publication of...

...Oh crap. I'll tell you in March. Never mind...

I am often inspired in my creative ventures by music, (think "Meg") so it should come as no surprise that I fashioned a yarn from the lyrics of a song, Boy George's lyrics "red, gold and green, red, gold and green..." From that, I give you "Karma Chameleon":

I really love the colorplay in this yarn and the resulting stripes in socks is stunning! (Thanks, Bobbie for the knit version!)

And let's not forget the most important update, Halloween!

I had intended on a very elaborate costume this year, but competing deadlines made that an impossibility. In fact, a few days before the first party, I had resigned myself to not dress this year. ::gasp:: I know! Heresy!

In the end, though, sanity prevailed. I helped a friend by doing his make-up:

...and helped myself, by celebrating with an absence of color...

 of the scariest things I could think of!!!

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