Sunday, July 13, 2008

Long Time, No Blog!

Call off the hounds; I'm here!

I realize how long it's been, but you know how these things go... first you're "a little" behind, then "a little" becomes "alot," then "alot" becomes seemingly "unsurmountable," but I'll try to catch up on what I've been up to.

I made a wool bag... a BIG wool bag... Big enough before felting that I could actually fit in it!
After felting, it's still large enough to hold even my most ambitious projects; in fact, I could use it for luggage!I experimented with dying Fisherman's Wool (by Lion Brand) and felting it up in various other shapes:

There was the intermittent jewelry. This one was for Mom:
There was a couple of trips. While in Manhattan for a long weekend, I was able to go by the office I worked in for 6 months and had a great lunch with my former supervisor, Tanya Marie. Everyone say "HI" to Tanya:

Fred and I went to Galveston for my birthday:

And we went to one of our favorite places, Puerto Vallarta, for vacation. It was a week of relaxation and great meals that was looonnnggg overdue:

And during the whole time, I was STILL working on "that one project." You know the one. The jacket that refuses to be finished!! That's right. I am still working on the basket-weave jacket whenever I can stand it. So far, I have the back, 2 sleeves, and almost all of one front piece completed, but it seems like I will never reach the end!!


::insert prayer for perseverance here::




  1. Sounds like you've been too busy traveling to post. Nice bag, too funny how big it was "before."

    Tanya looks like someone I'd like to chat with over tea or something. Tell her hi from this stranger in MI.

    Good to hear from you here... keep on having happy busy news.


  2. Yay! MJ lives!

    I loooooove that picture of you in the bag.