Sunday, December 30, 2007

A Light Lunch

With the Holiday gift-making rush over for another year, I decided to use the next few, precious weeks of "down time" and make something for myself.

I started this a few months ago in another (increasingly rare) lull between self-imposed deadlines. It's about 40% completed and I love the colors I chose. Although I still remember the concept of the piece really well and know what I wanted the end result to be, it did take me a little time closely examining my previous progress on the piece to remember just exactly how I was plotting it all out.

Of course, I couldn't be satisfied with only one major project at a time, so along with the above piece I am doing from my own pattern, I am also making a sweater for myself, this time using a published pattern from another designer. The pattern is from "Crocheted Aran Sweaters" by Jane Snedden Peever. You may remember that the purple sweater I made for my Aunt Barbara from this book won a blue ribbon at the State Fair of Texas last year. Of course, that sweater was substantially altered from the pattern, but I am doing my very best to follow the pattern for this one, including even -(get ready for it) - using the recommended yarn! ::gasp:: I know. It's shocking.

Here's a peek at the wip using Lion Brand Wool Ease yarn, color: Wheat:

With this worsted weight yarn, the sweater is moving alot quicker than I am used to one growing. Still, I want a nice thick cardigan that can double as a jacket in the Texas seasons, so I figured the yarn would be appropriate. I'll let you know what I think when I've worn it...

All is not just cables and posts, though! Afterall, what is Jer without a little whimsy?!?

Several months ago I made the "killer tomato" that I found on this web site. A co-worker so enjoyed it, I made a mental note to myself at the time to also make him one. Taking advantage of the "down time," I whipped out a (smaller) companion to my original so he could enjoy the strange in his office. Here's a pic of "Quincy" next to his original brother, "Sammy." Each one only took an evening to make and what fun!!

Who knows? Maybe there's a whole psychotic salad in my future!




  1. Thankx, MK. I forgot to add that both of the garments are worked vertically instead of horizontally. Oh well, there's always the next post...