Wednesday, October 24, 2007

A New Fix

During a quick (and unplanned) trip for my day job, I was able to complete another pair of crocheted socks. (Waiting in airports and seemingly endless flights have become welcome opportunities for encounters with sticks and strings!) You may remember the first pair I made... an altered pattern (yeah, yeah. I know. What pattern have I NOT altered?) that I found via the Ravelry "Recipe for SOCK-cess" group. (here's the pattern I started with: )

For the first attempt, I used Shi Bui sock yarn. I changed the toe slightly, but keeping the cables on the top of the sock and along the upper portion of the foot, I put only ribbing along the sole, eliminating the cables there.

The socks feel great on - as long as I'm sitting - but I'm not crazy about the the way it feels when I stand on them... Not to mention that the result was a sock that wouldn't fit comfortably into a shoe!

Enter the pattern - altered even more. Altered so much in fact, that it hardly resembles the original pattern except that it results in a sock, and has double crochet ribbing. I kept the foot portion tightly stitched and thin. I also reduced the cables to only one set on the leg-portion.

I love these socks! And they feel so great on, that I wore them to work today! I even kept them on all day, neverminding that I had a "back-up" pair of plain, blue dress socks - just in case.

But now I have a problem... I can't stop making socks! There is something so enjoyable about it. Maybe it's because they are so portable. Maybe it's watching the sock grow 1/16th of an inch at a time is such detailed work. All I know is that, it's.. well, it's addictive!

I started another pair for my best friend Margaret almost as soon as I had this pair done. But even though I am only about half-way through her first sock, I have been surfing the net, scouring really, in search of more sock yarn!

Speaking of which, I need to cut this post short. I have a new addiction to feed!



The Crimson Shawl is progressing nicely - albeit between ribbing stitches!

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